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EMOTIONS ARE RUNNING HIGH WHEN A MARRIAGE ENDS. MUCH IS AT STAKE. YOUR CHILDREN. YOUR PROPERTY. YOUR MONEY. Life-changing questions arise. When do I get to see my kids? Can I collect child support? Can I collect spousal support? Can I settle outside of court without giving everything away? You should not have to answer these questions alone. The right lawyer can make all the difference in helping you get the results you deserve as you move through this life transition. 

  • I have been empowering men and women like you to make informed choices throughout a divorce;
  • I can help you navigate the often confusing rules of the Family Law Act, and the Divorce Act;  
  • I can help you create a parenting time schedule with the best interest of your kids in mind; 
  • I can help you obtain child support;  
  • I can tell you what spousal support you will pay, or receive; 
  • I can also help you draft a separation agreement that will stand the test of time; and 
  • I am also not afraid to go to trial to get you the result you are looking for when it is not possible to obtain a separation agreement. 

You can click on the "
Divorce Law Results" link to see what I have obtained for clients like you. ​

​I am also an accredited Family Law Mediator. I offer mediation services on a sliding scale fee either in person, or through videoconference.

Divorce Solutions Start Here

​The legal services I provide include: 

  • Divorce applications;
  • Negotiating and drafting separation agreements;
  • Attendance and advice at settlement meetings, judicial case conferences, mediations and arbitrations;
  • Court applications for custody, access, child support, spousal support and other interim orders;
  • Examinations for Discovery of opposing spouses;
  • Trials; and
  • Appeals.

I serve clients throughout British Columbia and beyond in certain cases who are going through a separation, or divorce. 

Consults with me are booked for 0.5 hours for free.

I accept Legal Aid in certain cases.

A questionnaire I have clients fill out when they see me can be seen here.

Remember your divorce will be an ordeal. But you will overcome it.  A good lawyer can help you get through it.

I am not afraid to go to trial to get you the result you are looking for when it is not possible to obtain a separation agreement​


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