Property division

Common law property settlement
Have I lost his work pension?
Separation without dividing assets
Financial responsibility after separation
Property deed and separation of assets
Investment money
Debt before separation
Family troubles
Assets & spousal support
Just getting some info, before its too late
What is the best course of action to take to secure this house for my family, as I have lived in it for the past 20 years with the two children?
Mother abandoned me with my Dad at 15 with no support and is now going after his pension
Inheritance money
Disbursement of property after separation
Pension question
Pension property division in a divorce
How is property divided upon divorce?
Spousal payment and division of assets review 
Separated, who will receive assets upon death? 
What are my common law rights to property and possession (in regards to family law act) 
Selling Assets 
Property division common law relationship Inheritance and divorce 
Is 50/50 fair when only one person makes all the payments? 
Inheritance and divorce
How is property divided upon divorce?

Child support

Child isn't his, paid years of child support
Paying child support for college age children
Adult child support
University expenses for a step child
If 18 year old son moves out, does Dad still have to pay support?
Are stay at home parents expected to pay child support?
Do I have to pay child support to a 21-year old child going to university while in a common law relationship?
Child support
Do I have to pay for such activities as noted above?
Child support
If my ex-wife's new husband adopts the kids, do I still have to pay child support?
Does an ex-spouse have the right to gain access to a new spouse's income?
Does child support stop after first university degree?
18 and moved out
child support
Can my 18-year-old dependant daughter apply to have the child support payments that I receive from her Dad changed to be paid to her directly?
Child support
Not enough attention to both parties actual financial positions when making court orders, how is this legally and morally right?
Wondering how I protect myself and my children
Child support
child support
Child support only
Statue of limitations on child support
Child support
I need help to go forward with the separation from my husband and we have three kids, 6, 7, and 14. I am leaving. Will I get child support/alimony?
Graduating at 18
How can I get half supporting my child, while the ex gets all the benefits? 
Section 7 expenses 

Divorce law procedure

Desk order divorce with a very old divorce file
Can a contested divorce be finalized with desk order
Divorce in different provinces
I want to get a divorce but don't know where my spouse is
Are you able to have someone sit in with you during a visit with a lawyer?
Court order valid if I was not served?
Statute of limitations divorce finalized
Cheating on spouse
I do not agree with court order-what now? 
Common law partner

Spousal support

Spousal support and income assistance
Leaving job to be full-time mom after separation
Withholding spousal support
Spousal entitlement and time limitations
My ex of 8 years and I broke up 15 months ago. She is now claiming she wants money
Overdue support constant
Common law spousal support 
False info 

Separation agreements

No intentions of supplementing her income
Am I bound to agreement, signed and filed in court?
How binding are separation agreements?​

Other divorce law issues

Can I force my wife to permanently leave the house?
Common law partner
What are the first steps when you find out your husband is cheating?
Whoops! I am going to be a Dad. I will love the baby but not the mother
Can I move my daughter to a new province to give her a better life?
Are we common law?
Even though we don't have a document of legal separation, as we have separate residences am I protected from his liabilities etc going forward?
common law
House rental during separation
I am out on my own. What to do?
My husband resides in our jointly owned family home. I am renting a condo. He expects me to pay half the home insurance. Am I responsible?​

Other areas of law

Letter of civil recovery for a crime that I was never actually charged with? 
No go order question? 
Not read rights. not given phone call to lawyer due to problems with lines 
Right to withdraw oral statement (police pressed assault charges against spouse) 
Verbal insult 
Access to particulars

AdviceScene, which I link to below, is a great service for clients who are of modest means and looking for an opportunity to get some quick legal advice on their separation, divorce, child support, spousal support, or property division issues. All of the lawyers on the site are well versed in the Divorce Act, Family Law Act, Federal Child Support Guidelines, Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines, and other family law rules. They can advise you of when you should do nothing, mediate, or litigate based on your individual circumstances. 

Keep in mind, though, that this service is no substitute for having a divorce lawyer act for you in court, or negotiate with your spouse. You should treat self-help options like AdviceScene as the first step in learning more about how to obtain a divorce so you can attend a lawyer’s office knowing the issues you want to deal with. I have grouped the responses into various topics. 

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Here are some links to advice I have given to people like you on divorce, child support, spousal support, property division and other divorce law issues. Check back for updates.​