Mediators, Parenting Coordinators and Arbitrators I recommend and links to others 

Shelina Sayani

Carol Baird Ellan
Janet L. Clark
Bob Finlay
Paul Rypkema
Diane M. Bell, Q.C.

Gayle Raphnel
John Campbell
Janette Kovacs
Mark Perry
Arlene Henry, Q.C.
Carla Lewis
Daniel Zack
Craig Neville
Pam Penner
Richard Singer
Whole Life Counselling & Mediation
Law Society of British Columbia Mediator Roster
Law Society of British Columbia Lawyer Lookup
BC Collaborative Roster Society
Collaborative Divorce Vancouver
Mediate BC Society (can help you find a mediator on a sliding scale fee arrangement, which you can locate here)
British Columbia Parenting Coordinator Roster Society
British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute
BC Hear The Child Society
Re:Solve Mediation Services Inc.
Family Mediation Canada
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Divorce Coaches (yes they do exist) 

Susan Gamache
Deborah Brakeley
Mark Smith
Gerry Bock

Must reads for any couple going through a divorce 

Ackerman, Marc. Does Wednesday Mean Mom's House or Dad's?: Parenting Together While Living Apart. New York: John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1996.

Amato, Paul, and Alan Booth. A Generation at Risk: Growing Up in an Era of Family Upheaval. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2000.

Antunes, Anne. Divorce: A New Beginning: 10 Guidelines for a Good Ending. Bloomington: Authorhouse, 2007.

Boyan, Susan Blyth, and Ann Marie Termini. Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: Shielding Your Child From Conflict.Kennshaw: Active Parenting Publishers, 1999.

Brownstone, Harvey. Tug of War: A Judge's Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles and the Bitter Realities of Family Court.Toronto: ECW Press, 2009.

Coates, Christine, and Robert LaCrosse. Learning From Divorce: How to Take Responsibility, Stop the Blame, and Move On. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2003.

Emery, Robert. The Truth About Children and Divorce: Dealing With the Emotions so You and Your Children Can Thrive.New York: Plume, 2006.

Farrell, Warren. Father and Child Reunion: How to Bring the Dads We Need to the Children We Love. New York: Tarcher, 2001.

Feuer, Jack. Good Men: A Practical Handbook for Divorced Dads. New York: Avon Books: 1997.

Gardner, Richard A. The Parental Alienation Syndrome: A Guide for Mental Health and Legal Professionals. March, 1998.

Hannibal, Mary Ellen. Good Parenting Through Divorce: The Essential Guidebook to Helping Your Children Adjust and Thrive. New York: Marlowe & Company, 2007.

Mercer, Diana and Marsha Kline Pruett. Your Divorce Advisor: A Lawyer and Psychologist Guide You Through the Legal and Emotional Landscape of Divorce. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2001.

Reay, Kathleen M. Toxic Divorce: A Workbook for Alienated Parents.

Wallerstein, Judith S. and Kelly, Joan B. Surviving the Breakup: How Children and Parents Cope With Divorce. New York: Basic Books, 1996

Websites that can help you do your own legal research

The Divorce Act
The Family Law Act
The Supreme Court Family Rules
Notice to Mediate (Family) Regulation
Division of Pensions Regulation
The Provincial Court Family Rules
The Federal Child Support Guidelines
The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines
The Pension Benefits Standards Act
The Family Maintenance Enforcement Act
The Child, Family and Community Service Act
The Adoption Act
The Access to Information Act  
(useful to obtain any police file that may exist)
Law Society of British Columbia, Professional Legal Training Course Practice Material - Family
JusticeBC - Family Justice Information and Support
JP Boyd on Family Law
Best Guide to Legal Research
Legal Research and Writing: Ted Tjaden
Courts of British Columbia - Search Judgments
Supreme Court of Canada - Search Judgments
Canadian Legal Information Institute
Legal Services Society - Self Help Guides
Supreme Court of British Columbia - Family Resources
Jurist Canada (useful Legal Dictionary)
Queen's University - Legal Citation Guide
UBC Law Library
Canada Revenue Agency Information on tax consequence of support payments 
Appeals Unlimited (useful resource if you are in the Court of Appeal)

Where to get your marriage certificate

Vital Statistics British Columbia (online form to obtain an original of your marriage certificate, if you don't have it)

Where to get tax information

Canada Revenue Agency - My Account (to access online account to obtain T1 Generals for past three years)
T1213 Request to Reduce Tax Deductions at Source (form to fill out if you are a T4 employee and need to increase your cash flow)

Where to go to obtain information about real estate:

myLTSA (B.C. Land Title & Survey to find out who is on title of real property)
B.C. Assessment (to obtain your most recent real property assessment and compare the sale value with other nearby properties)
Landcor Data Corporation (automated real property valuation)

Cunningham & Rivard (real estate appraisers for residential and commercial property. Based in North Vancouver)
Penny & Keenleyside (real estate appraisers)
Bakerview Realty Appraisals (real estate appraisers)
Lawrenson Walker (real estate appraisers)
Johnson, Ross & Cheng Ltd. (real estate appraisers)

NDR Appraisal Group (to value any property in the United States)
Citland Surveyors Ltd. (to value any property in Hong Kong)

Hollis & Scholefield Ltd. (to value any property in New Zealand)

Where to go to find information about motor vehicles

Canadian Black Book (to find the current value of any motor vehicles you own)

National Automobile Dealers' Association (US based, can value cars, motorcycles and boats)
Boat Value Book (to find the current value of any watercraft you own)
All Points Marine Surveyors (to value any boats you own)

Where to go to find information about companies

Bizapedia (free service to determine basic company information)
BC Online (to determine information regarding any company properties)
Corporations Canada (to determine information regarding federal companies)

Gary Mynett (chartered business valuator I recommend)
Chris Goodburn (chartered business valuator I recommend)
Joe Bring (chartered business valuator I recommend)

Where to go to find information about pensions

Service Canada (to access information about your Canada Pension Plan credits)

Arbutus Investment Management Ltd. - Michael Demner (good actuary to value any pensions you have)

Anderson Pension Law Consulting

Where to go to find out where the money went

Bank Account Search (US company that can search for hidden bank accounts in Canada and US)

John Douglas (forensic accountanting firm)

MNP - Jacklyn Davies

Where to go to find out about miscellaneous property

Canadian Jewellers Association (to value any jewellery you own)
Total Appraisals Inc. (appraisals of all types of property and items)
Maynards (good appraisal service for chattels and household effects)
MacIntyre Appraisals (specialize in valuing fine art and antiques. Based in Vancouver)
B.C. Appraisals Ltd. (to value any miscellaneous items. Based in Kelowna)

Where to go to find out information about debts

Equifax (to obtain your credit report to value family debt)

Where to go to find miscellaneous useful information

Canada 411 Reverse Lookup (find addresses, telephone numbers and names with limited information)
Forensic Document Examination Services Inc. (to check the signatures on any documents at issue)
OANDA Currency Converter (good place to go to convert foreign currencies into CDN)

Places to go to obtain some free legal advice

Access Pro Bono
Salvation Army Pro Bono Program
West Coast LEAF
Law Students' Legal Advice Program
The Law Centre
Vancouver Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Services Society

Private Investigators

ViPi Investigations Inc.
Vancouver Private Investigator
Shadow Investigations
Kaban Protective Services Inc.
Eye Witness Investigations Ltd.
FBIG Investigations

Places to go to get transcripts of recordings 

Verbatim Words West Ltd. (Surrey)
J.C. Word Assist (Vancouver)
McEachern Court Services (Burnaby)

Child, spousal support, date and other useful calculators 

Family Maintenance Enforcement Program - Child Support Calculator
Quebec Child Support Guidelines Calculator
Date and Time calculator (useful for calculating length of marriages and parenting time schedules)
Basic Income Tax Calculator
Canada Child Tax Benefit Calculator
GST/HST Benefit Calculator
CPP Retirement Pension Calculator
RRSP/RRIF Withdrawal Calculator - Other Calculators

Support and counselling services 

Parenting After Separation Course (online version, required for individuals proceeding through Provincial Court)

​Alyson Jones & Associates (specializes in all forms of family counselling, including reunification therapy)

Yuval Berger (specializes in all forms of family counselling)
Robert B. Finlay, RCC (specializes in providing services to families who are experiencing separation and divorce, including reunification therapy)
Angela Pallan, RCC (specializes in individual, family and couples counselling)
Bonnie Mason, RCC (specializes in family, youth and children issues)
Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, R.Psych (practice areas include child therapy, also able to do psychoeducational assessments)
Dr. Marjorlaine Limbos, R.Psych (practice areas include child therapy, also able to do psychoeducational assessments)
Dr. Susan Goldsmith, R.Psych (practice areas include child therap, also able to do psychoeducational assessments)
Adventura Counselling Services (Registered Clinical Counsellors)
Anger Management Counsellors in Surrey, British Columbia
Touchstone Family Association (anger management counselling)
Pauline Carey, RCC (anger management counselling)
Moose Anger Management
Denis Boyd & Associates
Alcoholics Anonymous - Greater Vancouver Intergroup Society
SMART Recovery
Family Justice Counsellor
B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors
Victim's Services
Domestic Violence British Columbia
Surrey Women's Centre
Elizabeth Fry Society
Whole Life Counselling & Mediation
B.C. Men's Resource Centre
F.A.C.T. (Fathers Are Capable Too)
Vancouver Men Support Association
Vancouver Men's Support Group
Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club
Befrienders Worldwide
The Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of British Columbia
Swingle & Associates

Places to go to find a nanny 

Canadawide Caregivers
Susan's Nannies

Places to go to find a job

Government of 
Service Canada - Job Bank
Craigslist - Vancouver


Translation services if English is not your first language 

Sarb Sandhu (Punjabi/Hindi/English)

Resources for custody and access issues 

Divorce Act, s.16
Canadian Bar Association - Custody, Access and Guardianship Issues
JusticeBC - Parenting Apart
Statistics Canada - Family court cases involving custody and access issues
The Hague Convention
Child Custody Parenting Plan Options
Child Custody Alternative Schedules
Emery's Alternative Parenting Plans

Triple P Parenting resources (useful tool to communicate and share information between spouses) (useful tool for planning parenting time schedules)
Mapping and Distance Tools (useful tool for determining radius around a child's school)

Supervised access services 

Access Supervision Services British Columbia
Supervised Visitation Network
Links Supervision Services

Meraki Family Services
Ann Davis Transition Society
Guardian Angel Supervised Access
West Coast Family Link, Supervision & Access Services Ltd.
Heart Family Visitation Services

Drug and alcohol testing 

Denning Health Group

Vancouver Drug Testing

Edgewood Health Network

Pro Drug Testing
Citahealth Total Health Clinic

s.211 report psychologists 

Dr. Ronald A. LaTorre

Dr. Mary Korpach

Dr. Rebecca England
College of Psychologists of British Columbia

Places to go if a spouse or child needs a mental or physical assessment 

Surrey Regional Forensic Clinic (Dr. Mandeep Singh Saini)
Dr. Biju Mathew
Dr. Rami Nader
Dr. Susanne Schibler
Dr. John Du
Occupational Mental Health Specialist Services

Places to go to help a dependent spouse find work, or determine if they are able to work 

Vocational Pacific Ltd.
The Vocational Consulting Group
GSO Health
Dr. Dean C. Powers
Pacific Rehabilitation Medicine
Viewpoint Medical Assessment Services Inc.
Ultima Health Assessments

Rehabilitation services if you are too sick or injured to work 

Progressive Rehab

Good places to go for post-divorce financial advice 

Credit Counselling Society
Sands & Associates
Smythe Ratcliffe
Art Kewin, CFP
Catherine Hurlburt, CFP, c/o Divorce Financial Planners 
Darcie Crowe, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Doreen Gardner Brown, CFP
Jennie Weeks, CFP
Pat Lalonde, CFP
FundRazr (crowdfunding site, B.C. based)
GoFundMe (crowdfunding site)
Nyvall Financial Group
David Chilton - The Wealthy Barber
Garth Turner
David Trahair
Gail Vaz-Oxlade
Charles B. Carlson - DRIP Investor
Rob Carrick
Jonathan Chevreau - Findependence Day - Financial Planning
Financial Post - Personal Finance
Kerry Taylor -
Preet Banerjee -
Waterstreet Family Offices
Brighter Life - Sharing Ideas About Money, Health And Family
Canadian Budget Binder - A Canadian Couple On A Financial Journey Using A Budget
Canadian Couch Potato - Your Complete Guide To Index Investing
Dividend Ninja - Invest In Dividend Stocks Like A Ninja
Million Dollar Journey - Building Wealth Through Saving And Investing
The Blunt Bean Counter
The Dividend Guy

Sites that can assist with the adoption process 

Ministry of Children and Family Development - Adoption
Ministry of Children and Family Development - Links and Resources
The Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia
Sunrise Family Services Society
The Adoption Centre of British Columbia

Resources for same-sex marriage and divorce issues

Canadian Bar Association - Gay and Lesbian Relationships
Law Society of British Columbia - Article by barbara findlay on LGBT client issues

Legal advice for seniors 

Government of British Columbia - Residents
Silver Harbour Centre

Resources for Aboriginals

Delegated Aboriginal Child and Family Service Agencies

Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society  
Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services
Metis Family Services (Surrey)
Ayas Men Men Child and Family Services (North Vancouver/Squamish)

Where to go to get your name changed

Vital Statistics Agency - Legal Change of Name

Good real estate agents to help you buy a home after your divorce 

Brent Short
Chris Neumann
Julianne Maxwell

Notaries I recommend to help you obtain a mortgage 

Amber Goddyn
Jackson Poon
Irina Bartnik

Lawyers and law firms I also recommend 

Divorce Law

Westminster Law Group
Phillip W. Cote
Shawn Bobb
Angelika Podgorska
Jaqua Page
Dia Montgomery
Matt Anderson
Dmitrii Terpylo
Kahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick
Hamilton Fabbro
Hepburn & Mand
Morag MacLeod
Farzhana (Roopa) Jhuty
Sumit Ahuja
Martina Ramage

Criminal Law

Joven Narwal
Graeme Jose
Nathaniel J. Hartney
Paul W. Janzen
Jordan D. A. Watt
Troy Anderson
Nicholas J. Preovolos
Phil Riddell
Aaron Burns
John P. Gustafson
Bill Jessop
Kevin Westell

The best tax lawyers I know if you are having tax problems

DioGuardi Tax Law


Divorce Law Links

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